I love to work, have fun, travel and enjoy the life

About me

I am Sergej Sattarov, art-painter by profession. For five years I learned how to make art in Saratov Art School in Russia. Since 1990 I live my life as a full time artist. I’m drawing, painting and do lot of airbrush decoration.

When Soviet Union has opened its Iron Curtain, i started travelling to places which was almost impossible to visit to me before. I have been living in Sweden couple of decades and now moved to Germany.

My objects are… well,  literally everything, big walls, amusement park rides, vehicles, helmets, you name it.

I found it funny to combine big sized airbrush decoration with live drawing of people. It help me to keep my draw skills in shape and make a great fun either to “models” and to myself.

If you have some question please wright me in the form below.

Have fun

Yours Sergej

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